Vivahaa Catering Services, Chennai, is committed to hiring the best talents in catering industry and developing them into passionate professionals. Our team at Vivahaa Catering Services, Chennai, is fired by an unimaginable passion for work and is intensively trained.

This multi disciplinary team of professionals allows us to match the challenges, the project requires. Every occasion comes with a different significance.What is common to all of them is the after taste. Food is always a point of discussion, be it a Corporate meeting, Wedding hall or a Social party.

Vivahaa Catering Services

We believe in Precisely why, we at Vivahaa Catering, Chennai, stress on providing just the right taste that your occasion demands. We are specialized catering Services in Chennai to a variety of events, big or small. Well-known for our outstanding service, delectable cuisines & meticulous planning, we add spice to every occasion and make every occasion a perfect cause for celebration.

Vivahaa Catering Services, Chennai Team takes pride in preparing mouthwatering delicacies that make your event truly memorable one. Our attentive staff take due and thorough care of even the smallest details at events, to enable you to celebrate culinary delights with your loved ones.

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Why Choose Vivahaa?

As a Brahmin caterers we Vivahaa catering services
offer excellent catering services for all occasions.

Food Quality

As one of the best Brahmin Caterers Our vegetarian cuisines are delicious, high quality, and delicious for every occasion!

Respectable service

We only select skilled and reputable staff and train them well for wedding catering or any occasion so they can welcome your guests!

Our Experience:

With our extensive national and international catering experience, we are well prepared for every marriage catering or any veg catering event!


What Our Customers Say About Us

R. Satyanarayan.


Dear Mr Raghavendra Sir, Vivaaha Catering Services under your leadership has done a wornderful job in providing entire catering and supportive services for my niece Ms Kalyani’s marriage on 4th and 5th June. Our entire family are very happy about the taste / quality and over all services of the catering for all the 5 sessions during the marriage. The special mention should be on the following
1. Mangala Vadhiyam and Nadhaswaram was of top order.
2. Food taste and quality was top class. Especially the Kattisathu Packing and the taste was awesome.
3. Ms Malathi, who organised and did service of all materials right from Vritham to Muhurtham was really appreciable. She had high level of ownership in working.
4. Both Bride and Bride Grooms relatives are really happy about your over all services and mentioned their special thanks to you. This over all services provided by Vivaaha Catering Service is real value for money. You know very well, Now we realise that we are blessed to you have your service. Thanking you once again.

We promise you our best in veg catering services for all your occasions to make the function a success.


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