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Prakash M Swamy's Rave Review

Dive into an extraordinary culinary journey as Prakash M Swamy, a senior and prominent journalist, shares his heartfelt review of Vivahaa Catering Services. Captured during his brother's son's wedding, this exclusive video unveils the behind-the-scenes excellence that defines Vivahaa Catering. With keen insight and a discerning palate, Mr. Swamy narrates his firsthand experience of our impeccable service, delectable cuisine, and seamless execution. Join us in celebrating this special occasion, where Vivahaa Catering Services added a touch of culinary magic to a momentous family affair. As a trusted name in the industry, Mr. Swamy's endorsement speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. Press play and witness the culinary artistry that delighted not just a family but a seasoned journalist known for his discerning taste.


Vivaham with VIVAHAA!!

VIVAHAA Catering services holds strongly the Philosophy as " Marriage are to be remembered by food that was served". Our entire family vouch for the justice done by Vivahaa through Execution, by letter and spirit in the wedding ceremony of our elder daughter on April 4th 24!. Experience linked with Passion to execute A to Z arrangements for Wedding is remembered for well anchored by Ragavendran sir's Team. Special kudos to the Manager on the ground and co-Ordinator for ritual requirements to ensure timely service with no aberration! If Vivahaa is chosen for the Wedding , Three "No's" is guaranteed to Vivahaa's clients — No tension, No confusion, No Follow-up. Our sincere thanks to Vivahaa team for making all of us Proud !!

Nagalakshmi Krishnamurthi


திரு ராகவேந்திரன் அவர்களின் விவாஹா கேட்டரிங் சர்வீஸ் ஊழியர்களின் சேவை விரதம் முதல் கட்டு சாத கூடை வரை பிரமாதம்.குறிப்பாக திருமதி. மாலதி அவர்களின் உபச்சாரம் பிரமாதமோ பிரமாதம். ஒன்பது வேலை உணவு வகைகள் எல்லாருக்கும் பிடித்தமானதாகவும் உடம்புக்கு ஒத்துக் ஒத்துக் கொள்ளக் கூடியதாகவும் எல்லோராலும் பேசப்பட்டது அற்புதம். காபி மற்றும் வத்தக்குழம்பு பிரமாதம் பக்ஷணங்கள் அதைவிட பிரமாதம் மறக்க முடியாத வைபவங்கள் வேளா வேலைக்கு வயிற்றுக்கும் வாய்க்கும் மட்டுமல்லாது வைதீக சடங்குகளுக்கும் தேவையானதை சரியான நேரத்திற்கு கொடுத்து ஆச்சரியப்படுத்தியதுநாதஸ்வர இசை மழையில் நனைய வைத்தது. கட்டுச்சாத உணவின் சுவை எங்களை பிரமிக்க வைத்தது. முடி முதல் அடிவரையான மங்கல சடங்குகள் அற்புதம் ஆனந்தம். அங்கு மணி சாமான்கள் சீர்வரிசை தட்டுகள் display and decorations கண்களுக்கு விருந்தாக அமைந்தது.வாயால் சொல்வதை விட செயலால் செய்து காட்டுவது உத்தமம் என்ற பழமொழிக்கு திரு ராகவேந்திரன் அவர்களின் விவாஹா A-Z கேட்டரிங் சர்வீசே முன் உதாரணம் விவாகத்திற்கு விவாஹா.

Venkataramanan Gnaneswari & family


Dear Vivaaha Catering services and Group... We wanted to say thank you for providing the amazing food at our wedding! We seriously loved every bite. Food & side dishes options at our wedding was important to us and you not only came through, but you gave us some of the best vegan food we've ever had. Even our friends & relatives, had amazing things to say about your hospitality & dishes. We especially wanted to give kudos to your service team. They went above and beyond to make sure all our food and other needs were met, bringing us seconds at our seats and checking in often. Your employees truly did an amazing job and you should feel proud of the team you've built! Again, thank you so much for your services. We can't wait to recommend you to all our family and friends for their future events! Special heartful Thanks to Mr.Ragsvendraen

Sathyanarayanan RV (MBA, MSC, LLB, MIICA)
Padmaja Sathyanarayanan (BA, DSP&OM)


Dear Mr. Ragavendren and the Vivahaa Catering Services Team, I am writing this note with immense gratitude and joy to express our sincere appreciation for the exceptional services provided by Vivahaa Catering Services at my elder daughter's marriage on 7th December 2023, at Sulochana A/c Hall, in Chennai. Under the capable leadership of Mr. R K Ragavendran, Vivahaa Catering Services seamlessly managed marriage catering and facility management, ensuring that every aspect of the event was executed with passion and care. The team's dedication to delivering excellent services to each person in attendance made the celebration truly memorable. The meticulous planning and flawless execution of every occasion and event during the marriage were remarkable. We were impressed with the coordination and timely supply of materials for Hindu marriage rituals, including the quality of garlands, flowers, and pooja materials. The Catering, Sweets & Severine, and Menu served were not only delicious but also offered at competitive rates, making it an ideal choice for middle-income families and retirees. The tailor-made event programs and catering services reflected a thoughtful approach to meeting diverse needs. Despite facing heavy rains, the Vivahaa Catering team, led by Mr. Ragavendran, demonstrated resilience and dedication, ensuring that external factors did not impact the smooth execution of the marriage arrangements. A special applause is extended to the service team for their efforts in making every aspect of the catering service flawless and ensuring excellent coordination in stage arrangements and deliverables. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the entire Vivahaa Catering Services team for contributing to the success of the wedding. The outstanding service and delectable food provided added a special touch to the celebration, making it a stress-free and enjoyable event. Mr. Ragavendran's passion for handling events with professionalism and his ability to build an excellent team with high-level supervision have been evident throughout. We cannot fail to appreciate Mr. Ragavendran and his team for made the wedding event special, memorable, and the happiest one. It is worth noting that Vivahaa Catering Services, under the leadership of Mr. Ragavendran, has successfully executed multiple marriage events in our family. We wholeheartedly recommend his services to friends and relatives, confident that they will receive the same level of excellence that we experienced. Once again, thank you for making our daughter's wedding a truly special and memorable occasion.

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