We are offering Wedding Arrangement services to our clients. To make your special moment memorable, we provide complete wedding solutions like Marriage Catering Arrangements which includes A to Z services like decoration, music, events etc.,

which is as categorized as below. We are rendering these services as per the exact requirements of our clients and in attractive and elegant manner.

Vivahaa Catering Services

Our Services

Our A to Z Services are as follows:

  • Stall for Fresh Juice/ Paan Beeda
  • Stall for Ice Cream / Cut Fruits
  • Stall for Popcorn
  • Stall for Sugar Candy
  • Juice Stall
  • Mocktail Bar
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Coffee Stall
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Jumping Mouse
  • Vegetable Carvings
  • Melting Ice Pillaiyar or Swan
  • Vazhai Maram
  • Balloons for Children
  • Decorative Varisai Plates
  • Decorative Aarathy Plates with 1000 watts illumination for display.
  • Reception Girls
  • Mehendhi Stall
  • Bangle Stall
  • Mandapa Kolam
  • Mangala Vadhyam
  • Prohithar
  • Prohitha materials
  • Seer Bakshanam
  • Paruppu Koodu
  • Printed thamboolam bag. Thamboolam bag will contain a coconut, Vetrilaipakku (if required, bakshanam may be included)
  • Photo and Video (Video Mixing, if required)
  • Light Music Orchestra
  • Carnatic – Vocal and Instrumental
  • Magic Show
  • Frills for the Dining Table
  • Muhurtha Medai Decoration
  • Reception Stage Decoration
  • Name Board at the Entrance
  • Commercial Cylinders for Cooking
  • Buffet Arrangements
  • Chat Counters
  • Janavasa Car
  • Chariot and the Band during Reception
  • Garlands and Flowers for the needed occasions which includes Jothika Malai for Reception and Muhurtha Jadai
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Marriage Registration

Marriage Catering Services

- We specialize in veg catering -

We promise you our best in veg catering services for all your occasions to make the function a success.

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